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Kiron, the Lasher by WorldNine Kiron, the Lasher by WorldNine
Main character for my upcoming comic, called... well, what else could it be called? World Nine!

Full Name : Kiron Arkrest
Age : proportionally around 16 years old (actually 180)
Species : Lasher
Gender : Male

Lashers, long-tailed Demons, are a puzzling species of sorts; most of the population of this species - close to 80% - is female. Kiron had the misfortune of being born as one among the 20% minority of males. Misfortune, because males of this species almost inevitably become slaves to the females, and bring shame to the family they came from simply for existing. This explains why Kiron never actually knew his parents; he was traded merely a few days after his birth for a small sum of money to a rich lady. It goes without saying that this lady basically raised him to be obedient, quiet, and an overall "good slave".

Kiron silently bore the orders of his mistress, until he was falsely accused of doing something which he didn't, and was sent to World Nine to die. How fortunate was he to find himself in a chapel then! The priests, oblivious to the hatred between humans and Demons when seeing him in need, brought him in and took care of him. Unbeknownst to the inhabitants of the nearby city, Kiron has stayed in the chapel ever since. Despite the many years he spent away from his own kind, he still hasn't lost his submissive nature towards females, be they young or old, poor or rich, powerless or influent.

Quite a colourful main character, if I may say so myself, both in physique and personality.

Note to self, I love every colour in my coloured pencil box, except that very light yellow and every shade of green. Seriously, I have 4 different greens and none of them is a rich dark green.

Character and concept (c) myself, ~WorldNine and ~PaashTheSneasel, my other account.
misscolourfuldreams Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2011
Now i'm interested in the story, after reading this.
i'd like to see more than the 1st page. =)
we'll wait and see...
WorldNine Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2011
I haven't even started on the second and forth pages... ^^;

I do have a good idea what will be going on in those, though, so if everything goes as planned, I may have one new page every week for a little while. ;3
misscolourfuldreams Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2011
looking forward to it =)
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